University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Master of Science, Robotics 

  • GPA: 3.8/4.0

  • Subjects (2016 Fall to 2017 Fall): Advanced in Computer Vision, Self-Driving Cars in Perception and Control, Probability and Random Process, Mobile Robotics, CS 231n (taught by prof. Fei-Fei Li at Stanford from Youtube), Computer Vision, Math for Robotics, Robotic Systems Laboratory

  • Subjects (2018 Winter): Machine Learning, Filtering and Estimation in Random Proc., Motion Planning

One of my first memories is of sitting on a train and reading the biography of James Watt, whose invention drove the industrial revolution. Indeed, I have long been fascinated by innovators such as Watt, Thomas Edison, and Benjamin Franklin. More recently, I was amazed to witness the technology changes pioneered by Steve Jobs. I feel a calling to use my passion for science to help create a world that is technologically advanced and convenient, so as to enhance the welfare of people from all walks of life.


To reach my full potential as a scientist and put myself in a position to make substantive contributions to the academic community and society as a whole, I am applying to join the robotics institute as a Ph.D. I have done research in a wide variety of areas in autonomous vehicles such as SLAM, perception and motion planning as well as in electrical engineering.


In electrical engineering, I have done an integrated circuit for digital phase lock loop, equalizers for through-silicon-via in 3D-IC, and rectennas for wireless charging and energy harvesting. I have also conducted an independent project to build and operate a hexacopter using wireless charging methodology, Arduino radar search systems, and landing mechanisms with infrared tracking. In addition, I have submitted one journal paper and published three conference papers. In each instance, I was astounded by the ubiquity and exciting future of robotics and automated vehicle. I am eager to play my part and leave my mark on the field, and this has led to my decision to apply to the Ph.D. program in Robotics.

Curriculum Vitae

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