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Wireless Power Transfer and Energy Harvesting for Portable Devices and Wireless Sensors

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High-Efficiency Dual-Band Loop-Shaped PIFA Rectenna with Compact Adjustable Size for Portable Devices and Wireless Sensors



This paper presents a dual-band rectenna with compact and adjustable dimensions (minimum 0.037 lambda x 0.155lambda) that is based on a novel asymmetric loop-shaped planar inverted-F antenna (PIFA) for portable devices and wireless sensor notes at 2.45 and 5.8GHz (industrial–scientific–medical bands). The newly asymmetric loop-shaped PIFA has been developed using a coupling method, resonating at two different traces. By adjusting the length of the two traces, the desired lower and higher band can be easily achieved. In addition, with a virtue open component, the size of the proposed asymmetric loop-shaped PIFA can be easily reduced. Low-breakdown Schottky diodes analysis on the impedance various with input power is performed. The results are then used to achieve the design of a dual-band full-bridge boost converter, which can double the output dc voltage. Lastly, between the rectifier and loop-shaped PIFA is a novel dual-band matching circuit, including three lump elements with harmonic suppression capability, further enhancing the conversion efficiency.

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